Improve your love life, family, finances and career through Astronumerology Let Natosha McCray (aka "The Number Swami") show you how

Improve your love life, family, finances and career through Astro-numerology
  Let Natosha McCray (aka "The Number Swami") show you how.


Mercury Retrograde is Coming Prepare!

Posted by The Number Swami on September 16, 2013 at 12:45 AM

I listen to my mentors when they break down the Astrological Correspondences to the Physical World. 
One of my mentors is Noble Anpu from  and he broke down where you should 
be looking for mercury in  your chart when it hits.  So I've given a Cheat Sheet of things to look out for during 
this period.  When we are prepared, we can make better decisions. 

Mercury is the planet closest to the sun and one of the fastest.  The Retrograde Cycle will occur in the Watery Sign of Scorpio. 

Mercury is the planet that deals with communication, writing.  modes of travel, siblings speaking and hand gestures just to name a few. 
On its higher octave ( Uranus)- It deals with technology, cellphones, computers, tables, etc. Hence why many of these things have issues during a retrograde. 

There is a Red Zone Period which starts prior to the Retrograde where you may feel some of the aspects.  

Those dates are  Oct 1 to Nov 27th 2013.

On Oct 1 Mercury will be at 2 degree Scorpio  which will begin its Zone period 
On Oct 21  Mercury will be at 18 degrees Scorpio which will be the degree in which it begins to retrograde. 

There is also an Eclipse  @ 11 degrees Scorpio on  November 3, 2013. 

Mercury   Retrograde will occur from Oct 21- Nov 10, 2013 

Mercury in your 1st house 

 Action- Talk to people you share money with, or have sex with.  
Speak with your  Spiritual Brother hood or Sister hood. 

2nd house

 Finance- Be responsible- Conserving what's right 

3rd house

 Travel issues,  Communication, make sure people understand you. 

4th house 

 Ancestor Communication, Your mother and your father  

5th house 

Lover, Children Creativity - This is a good time to  finish projects that you may have started. Get them complete! 

6th  house 

Pay attention to your health,  your mouth, have clear communication at work  and do something of a chartible nature 

7th house 

 Reasses  Partneships both personal and business.  Look over Contractual Agreements  and Small pets

8th house 

 This is the house of joint finances, and death and transformation -- make your  insurance policies are up to date, and  your Wills are up to par.  If you have accounts with others you may want to do you own personal auditing  of your books.    This is a time you may discover a sexual secret of a partner. 

9th house 

Foreign Travel,  Getting out of the country may present issues right now. You may consider going back to school.  Make sure to finish what you start. 

10th house
Career and Authority Figures, Courts, and Government.  This is a good time to talk with the parent responsible for your upbringing.  

11th house 

Technology, gadgets- warrenties - friends- pay attention to the details 

12th house 

 Cultivate your own spirit.  Find what works for you and do your research. You may find your dreams enhanced, and intuition that much stronger.  Build a spiritual structure that vibes with you, an ancestral shrine or whatever make you comfortable. 

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