Improve your love life, family, finances and career through Astronumerology Let Natosha McCray (aka "The Number Swami") show you how

Improve your love life, family, finances and career through Astro-numerology
  Let Natosha McCray (aka "The Number Swami") show you how.


Happy Pisces Season

Posted by The Number Swami on February 20, 2015 at 4:40 AM

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pisces. 

The sign of Pisces is currently ruled by the planet Neptune and in Ancient times it was ruled by the planet Jupiter.  Pisces is the Final destination on the Zodiac. It is the 12th sign. The house of dreams, fantasy, spirituality and Self Undoing.  This is the sign whose mantra is I believe.  Pisces falls under the domain of the Number 3. The house of Pisces is a Psychic sign. These people are extraordinary sensitive or psychic. Some do not live up to their full potential. Many turn to escapism in order to feel better about the pain that they feel. 

On February 18, 2015 we welcomed in a new moon in the 29/0 degrees of Aquarius and Pisces. New moons are usually times which we can begin new projects. The new moon is also a time of clearing. There will be an emphasis in a particular area of your astrological chart that will need some tending to during this time.  No two charts are the same including twins. Each person has their own chart and their own name giving them their own unique energy.  

Pisces season will definitely be amped up for a few weeks as a few planets will be traveling through Pisces. Currently we the Sun giving us light in Pisces. The sun is the life giver. What we will find a desire to change or add to our current spiritual practices. You may find yourself in a new church, a new social group or otherwise, take the time to connect with these social circles you may find that you are right where you need to be. 

In terms of numbers for those who love those lucky lottery numbers, one will find that Piscean Season will bring forth the following numbers 

The 3, 7, and the 6s the reason for this is the personal planets such as the sun, venus will be in the sign of pisces. This will color numbers as they come.  Play your favorite combinations with one of these numbers. 

Pisces is a water sign ruled by a fire number.  There should be a certain amount of patience exercised by My fish like personalities. Don't believe everything anyone tells you see behind the veil as they speak. Do your homework before committing to projects that may impair your ability to make money or move things forward.  

Don't forget to have  a little fun. 

You be happy that you did. 


Number Swami

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