Improve your love life, family, finances and career through Astronumerology Let Natosha McCray (aka "The Number Swami") show you how

Improve your love life, family, finances and career through Astro-numerology
  Let Natosha McCray (aka "The Number Swami") show you how.

Number Swami Personal Cycle Calendar


Have you ever wanted to have a Cosmic Outline to plan your next  day, week , month or year. 

I've had created the Personal Cycle Calendar that does that very thing.  This custom tailored calendar will include your lucky days, months, and numbers. This will have some Astrological Information and Some other Goodies to help you navigate through life. You will also be given your opposition or stress times. There are always the right time to act and a time to wait. This is your personal road map.  The Personal Cycle Calendar is available in 3 -6- 12 month reports.  

Details given in regards to your health, finances and romance and family and other areas of importance.

Because this is customed made - Please allow 2-3 weeks for Delivery. 

You will not be disappointed by having your personal cycles at your disposal. 

Please submit your full name at birth, the current name you are using, and your date of birth, time and location if known. 

*Millionaires don't use Astrologers- Billionaires do*- J.P. Morgan. 

Having an Astro- Numerologist is the Best of All Worlds. 

Please Indicate Full Name and Date of Birth

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