Improve your love life, family, finances and career through Astronumerology Let Natosha McCray (aka "The Number Swami") show you how

Improve your love life, family, finances and career through Astro-numerology
  Let Natosha McCray (aka "The Number Swami") show you how.

Natosha McCray is the numerologists' numerologist! She brings a feminine perspective to the ancient art and science of both astrology and numerology. She has become affectionately known as "Swami" by her clients and friends. And, in a sense is evolving into a master teacher on these subjects in her own right.  Hence, the name "Swami"!  She has this intuitive knack!  "Swami combines these timeless traditions; bringing them to a level that's powerful, informative, folksy, and useful in a common sense way.  
        She gives you "Guide Posts" through your journey of life that lasts a lifetime.  Numbers have always been a part of her life and interest.  They seem to resonate with her.  She feels their energy and is intuitively in sync with them on a daily basis. Her love and dedication of numerology and astrology has resulted in  her  own unique style of divination to help others identify their own personal cosmic map.
Her philosophy is simple; The universal language are numbers; made of symbols and signs.  Metaphysically, if you know what to look for and how, the numbers will reveal some of its secrets and those of the Universe and show you its accuracy.
       You may have heard of Lloyd Strayhorn, the internationally famous astro-numerologist. Lloyd has helped tens of thousands of people discover the meaning and power of numbers in their lives.  Well, when Lloyd is in need of an objective opinion, with a down to earth perspective on the numbers in the lives of events, people in the news, celebrities, notables and even his own, she can proudly and honestly say he consults the "Number Swami"!

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